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I didn’t become a parent the day Alex was born. I became his parent from the day I looked down and saw a positive. Positive is what you have to be. Positivity is what you have to hold onto going through this life changing event.

Dare I say it, pregnancy does not suit everybody. I had visions of the morning sickness and laughing it off. However, 17 straight weeks of it was no laughing matter (ha!). I had visions of my ever growing bump glowing. I was underestimating the weight and stretching abilities that was required from my body. I had visions of eating for two, only to have experienced the opposite effect, I had food aversions. When I did have cravings it wasn’t very exotic, it was simply ice water and bread! I also experienced chronic back pain and pelvic issues from 20 weeks in. This was the reason I had to leave work way too early on. This is where I stood into the parenting role and made decisions not only for me, after all, I wasn’t alone. This is where my anxiety slowly manifested & spiralled.


Alone is what I felt I would never be again, but truth is, pregnancy can be a lonely time. After Alex was born it was the same. I was surrounded daily by people yes, but nobody can truly understand what you yourself are feeling and going through at certain times.


Times truly changed for me from the get go, for example, itchy feet had a whole other meaning now. It was a now a symptom of pregnancy and not the good old term for going dancing. Itchy feet now meant I had a condition called obstetrics cholestasis. Not only was I nervous enough in the pregnancy at this stage but it now meant even more monitoring on the baby at a weekly basis and for me to keep very close eye on baby movements and any changes.


earth side


This is what lead to my induction, 22 hours of labour, pushing with a team of doctors and midwives present to take my baby off for care, this lasted 2 hours before he was back in my arms and bonding began. He was completely healthy and he was now all ours to care for and to love.

Sparing The Details

I’m not going to get into details on a birth story, the majority of people don’t care, haters are going to want to grab their popcorn in hopes of hearing you were ripped a sunder (that’s life) and then other people like to read positive birth stories.(naturally enough.) If you are an expecting Mamma, just know, its all totally worth it when you hold your tiny human and you feel all kinds emotions and your heart bursting with love. Try to imagine a world of magic suddenly opening up around you.

Everything worked out for us, regardless of the ups and downs, it has by far been the best (but scary) experience.



I am truly blessed to have experienced ‘expecting the unexpected’. Something else that was unexpected was I decided becoming a first time mum is a journey I want to share. I set up an Instagram account (insonspiration) as a micro blog so I could connect with others as I started to feel alone in this hood, motherhood! I have lovely friendships now through Instagram and basically we all like to try pick each other up when we have bad days and struggles.

Instagram also sucked me into the world of picture taking. I am currently obsessed with my child (obviously, have you seen him?) and I am also obsessed with photos. I am a beginner in so many ways but I’m totally sucked in.



Ex Oh {xo}



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