Tackling Those Teeth

The days are long and the nights are even longer when teething is in full force! Here are some of the teething products we would use along the way.

  • Teetha Gel, (sugar free) relief of teething pain and other symptoms such as sore tender gums & dribbling.
  • Teetha Granules (dissolve in the mouth) you can give up to 6 doses a day, one sachet every 2 hours on those bad days.

(Click Here) to a link to nelsons natural world, its got some great products for all problems and for all ages.

Shop the training toothbrush set (here)

  • NUK brush-and-bite teething trainer, great for applying the gel and for little hands to hold.
  • NUK cool teether set , put one in the fridge and the other teether clips onto it for playing also.


Not to forget, calpol, calpol, calpol .! Good luck mamas!


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