Teething Tots with Frozen Pops.

Ice – Ice Baby

Do you have a never ending stash of teething products in the press at home? Do you struggle to figure out what is working and what is not? Does your baby give you no clue as to what is helping and what isn’t?

I have a post on our teething favourites (Click Here) ,but this my friends, was a complete game changer for us, so it deserves a post of its own!



NUK annabelkarmel ice lolly moulds, you must invest! I fill two up for Alex, one with his favourite yogurt (usually apricot) and the other with Ellas Kitchen smoothies/fruit puree`.

We used these as a teething tool, its also a very good way to get fruit & veggies into our tiny humans.

I found these as a fun method for teething. Alex would chomp down on the goodness that was sweet, frozen and fruity. His big red jaws and gums longed for relief and this seemed like a good way to help numb him up. Success, it also provided a nice calming 10 minutes for mammy! (Lets face it, teething can be harsh on us too.)


Purchase lolly moulds (Here)


Below are some ideas for us Mammy’s to enjoy an ice pop and 5 minutes quiet time alongside baby:

  • blueberries, bananas, strawberries and mi-wadi summer fruits
  • lemon slices & lime slices & mi-wadi lime mixed with soda water
  • cucumber slices, lemon slices, water
  • kiwi & lime and coconut water


Happiness in a mould, its all in the facial expression here. Yum. Give it a go Mamas!


Ex Oh (xo)


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