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In need of a top up, snack attack?

Alex gets extremely peckish in between meal times. I have found some perfect little ‘top up’ snacks, while he waits not so patiently! It can be hard to find variety and also find something that wont fill them up too much before meal times. Here are some of our favourites, full of flavour!!


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These wafers are gently flavoured with subtle hints of real banana. They are the perfect size
for little hands to hold & are crumb free which make them the perfect weaning snack for tiny humans.

Alex does love to snack on the rusks and liga’s but they are quite messy and sticky. These snacks are the opposite so they are ideal for bringing in the bag for day trips .


More products here


Another favourite is, these smoothie Melts (above) that are made of 100% pure fruit, they are tasty bubbly bites that melt as soon as you put them on your tongue. Again, they are perfect for snacking on-the-go.
The smoothie Melts only contain sugars that occur naturally in the fruit.
There is 3 flavours to choose from to mix it up a bit.

We also get the fruit wriggles, they are all natural, fruity, fun and come in two flavours.

There is a wide variety of snacks and flavours from this range to choose from to suit your little ones.

I purchase them in my local supermarket. Here is a list of stockists -> Where to buy .  

Hope this is helpful.


Ex Oh (xo)


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