Progress is Impossible Without Change.


When is the right time for change. Is there a right time for it?

Moving Day.

I believe the only time that is right, is when you feel its time & you are ready.
When Alex stopped looking for the bottle at night, I thought for myself, now is the right time to do this for us. The first big one was the room.

  • MOVING HIS MOSES BASKET – I moved his Moses basket further away from the bed each night to start. A start that Alex didn’t seem bothered by. He knew he was still in the room, just not right next to me. His sleeping pattern didn’t change and all went well.
  • THE SWITCH – I changed the Moses basket to his cot, keeping him in our room still. Before doing the switch I was putting him for his naps in the cot in the nursery. I thought easing him into a new bed and atmosphere would work better than a big changeover. Again, the napping went well and when I moved the cot into the room for night he was familiar with it.
  • MOVING THE COT – moving him out was hard for me. I had sleepless nights from constantly watching him on the monitor and wondering was he happy in there. He was perfectly fine, even when he was waking up in the mornings he just cooed and rolled around until I came in to get him. I was tempted in the beginning to sleep in with him but there was no need.
  • BLANKET – I would set a blanket aside that we both shared while feeding or chilling on the couch, when I was leaving the room I would leave him with this particular blanket so my scent was with him.
  • ROUTINE – I started a little routine of the two us sitting out on floor (him on my knee) and reading a story before bed. This way, he knew story time meant cot & sleeping time was next. He is still now used to story time, snuggles, (except now story is read with him in the cot or he just crawls out of the room! (haha) & his lullabies.
  • SOOTHER HACK – I purchased a sleepytot bunny. This little guy can be used in various ways. He holds soothers with his little Velcro paws and feet, he can be used as a pillow or attached to the bars of the cot making soother runs easier! Check out the sleepytot bunny here.


Baby in Training.

Alex never clung to his bottle as a comfort thing. He always just wanted what was inside the bottle and then he threw it to one side. This obviously stood to us when changing him from his bottles onto beakers. I know for some moms this can be an impossible task. We used the NUK learner bottle –  (here).

  •  TRAINING BEAKERS – I gave Alex these throughout the day with a drop of cooled boiled water in it. I would let him play around with it and get familiar with how it worked.
  • I then would give it to him at dinner time when he was focused in the high chair. This is where I would help him to learn his movements to hold it.
  • He then figured out that it takes a different technique to get the liquid out than it did from a bottle. I was I informed that the technique used on sippy cups and beakers uses different muscles & helps with speech and talking.
  • I waited until he had mastered holding the training cups by himself, before taking his bottles out of the equation. This took time, but then he didn’t want my help and started slapping my hands away. It was then I started putting his milk into the cups and we haven’t looked back.!

NUK also have a magic training cup, its pretty cool. It doesn’t spill and they have a lot of colours in there range. (magic cup)


These transitions sound easier said than done. They took us time and patience. All we can do is our best & encourage, encourage, encourage.


Ex Oh (xo)


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