When Salou is Not For ‘You’

Oh Gimme A ‘Break’

Here’s a quick listing of my bad luck before going into detail;

  • Missed transfer
  • Expensive taxi
  • mosquito bites on my legs oozing & bleeding driving me insane.
  • massive migraine the 1st day causing me to vomit on the streets.
  • fell in water park cutting my knee and toe
  • lost phone

Here’s more;

This is Why I Don’t Like Expensive Things.


We flew into Barcelona airport on a Tuesday night, we were both wrecked, hungry and happy to just get to the hotel. There was a mix up with our transfer and terminals. Long story short, in the wind up, after an hour-long searching and catching buses, we ended up getting a taxi to La Pineda. A taxi costing 195euro. I was in the back watching the meter, planning in my head what games we could play for the week in the apartment haha!

Not a great start I must admit.

Also, we missed the Barcelona football match which cost 250 Euro for the tickets. They changed the dates and we wouldn’t have arrived on time for the new dates. We weren’t allowed a refund as the game itself wasn’t cancelled. We were upset about this obviously.

Before we reached the doors of the hotel, we were out a lot of money before the holiday began. We agreed we were still going to try to make the best of the week.


We stayed in a hotel that was walking distance from everything in the little town.

It had a lovely little pool area with 2 bars and a stage. There was entertainment out here in the evenings until midnight. It wasn’t all horrific. Some nights were better than others!

There was a restaurant up on the 1st floor. I hated everything about it.

  1. It was buffet style, buffet is really not my thing.
  2. This restaurant was next to our room. So from 6am in the morning, we could hear every trolley pass, every table been laid & every person entering & leaving. This went on early morning, afternoon and night. Constant cutlery noise and groups of chatting people and trolleys been wheeled back and forth can wear thin when its ongoing.

We both agreed if we had Alex with us we would definitely have had to demand a change of room. I learned to just get on with it & Gary learned that toilet tissue is just as effective as ear plugs when desperate.

Portaventura Park.

We bought 2 tickets to the 2 theme parks, Portaventura & Ferrari land. We both love rollercoasters & parks, for 2 days, we got to be the kids. There was no waiting in long que’s with it being September time. There was still a good atmosphere around and we had fun trying out everything and just letting loose.

Ferrari Land wasn’t overly exciting for me, you would definitely need to be into the whole ‘Ferrari’ scene. You would easily spend 2 days in Portaventura park though & the water rides are just too funny! We got soaked on the very first one we tried, we were only 10 minutes in there.

Throughout parts of the day, we would pass children’s parks and we were really missing Alex, we kept spotting things that we knew he would love and we were looking out for kiddies stuff constantly.

Aquapolis Water Park.

There was a water park right in the centre of where we were staying. Of course on the first slide, yours truly (me) fell at the end of it, coming out of the water with my knee bleeding!

We had the craic and we went to a dolphin show in the park. Although there was a good few slides&pools and the area was packed with food places, again, we spent the whole time saying  Alex would love this and that and how we would love it if he was there.

La Pineda.

The location of our hotel was a quiet area. The town was basically a long straight stretch. On one side of the street was a boardwalk and the beach & the other side was restaurants/bars/arcades & some really great shops! We didn’t enjoy much of the food in the town though and the restaurants were all mostly beach/ocean restaurants, so fish was mainly on the menu. It wasn’t a very lively spot at night and everything closed between 11 & 12. I didn’t mind this as taxi’s into Salou strip was only a 10er and we weren’t in the middle of annoying reps etc..

Salou Strip.

We went into Salou one night and we ate in the Dubliner. The food there was delicious! We then went to Danny Boys where I got the traditional holiday ‘free t-shirt’ . If you don’t come home with one then were you even on holiday?? Also this is the night I lost my phone. I don’t wanna talk about it.

Holiday Conclusion.

We seen many families with babies and we just longed to have our own little man with us. We were both trying to support each other after 3 days in, the 2 of us were just ready to go home to Alex. ‘Relaxing’ sun holidays are no longer for us. We know we are ready for the madness of fam-bam holidays & the fact we both agree on this makes me excited for the next holiday, whenever it may be.

For future planning we have agreed that city breaks would suit us (couple wise) best and then the sun holidays will include Alex and be much more fun and exciting.

Random Find.

I found something coconut oil wont save you from. In fact, it makes things worse. Mosquito Bites!!! It will only attract them and triple your problems. Your Welcome.


Ex Oh (xo)

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