Lion Guard Themed Party

Baby’s First Birthday Bash

I cant believe our little man is a year old. I know it’s a cliché but honestly, where does that time go! I feel like the 9 months he did in the inside felt way longer than the year he’s been out.

It’s been such an amazing year having Alex by my side.

His little personality exploded the last while. He has so much energy and loves to laugh.

Alex in your first year you:

  • are obsessed with Peek-a-boo, especially if we get you with a good fright
  • love disney junior, it’s the only channel allowed on the tv
  • spend your mornings learning new things like clapping hands,high fives blowing kisses
  • are such a daddy’s boy, if daddy is in the same room then no one else matters
  • torment the dog daily
  • eat all day, you never refuse food, except eggs. You hate eggs
  • laugh like crazy when daddy chases us upstairs when going up to bed
  • like a bedtime story but only when your not too tired
  • are into everything now that your crawling and standing
  • pull all the dvds out from the tv stand 50 times a day, along with hair and earrings
  • drag all the clothes down off the clothes horse when mammy is hanging them
  • chit chat in your own language and laugh at yourself as if you said something funny
  • love to play ball & you think bubbles are hilarious
  • your biggest obsession other than peek-a-boo is THE LION GUARD. It has stopped tears and tantrums at any time of the day or night.
  • are a trooper when it comes to teething, you suffer with it but you soldier on with mammy holding your hand every tooth of the way.
  • absolutely love mirrors and your reflection

I cant wait to discover more about you over time.


We celebrated your birthday at granny’s house. We had a lion guard theme party (Disney store) & granny had a bouncy castle outside. Lots of your family & friends came & you stayed awake the entire day, all while getting spoilt with presents and filling your tummy.

We couldn’t have been more impressed with your birthday cake. It was 2 tiers, lemon & chocolate, tasted gorgeous and looked incredible. I baked some vanilla cupcakes & tried to stay with the theme, I topped them with lion ‘paws’ using chocolate buttons. I also did up sweet jars of jelly animals, I tagged them with lion guard quotes/words.


It was a great day Bud, thanks for being you. We Love You Loads.


Ex Oh (xo)

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