Winter Is Coming!!

Having sick babies is not snow much fun at all.

Alex was born around the typical cold season. My poor little guy never stood a chance. He suffered a good few viral infections. We stormed through colds,flu’s,conjunctivitis and thrush, all within a few months after his arrival.

We cannot wrap them in cotton wool but we can however, find what works for them.  Here is my list of favourites that even at 12 months now, we still use when needed.

  • Dentinox Eye Wipes

These saline wipes are a godsend. They are so handy to have for if you & baby are out and can’t get to warm water for the cotton wool. They work the very same and I’ve used them on Alex numerous of times. There is 12 wipes in one box, individually wrapped. Use a separate wipe for each eye.

They can be purchased (5euro) in some pharmacies. I myself stocked up on mine from boots pharmacy. I’ve also seen Tesco have them in now.

  • NUK nasal decongester  

The ‘snot sucker’ as we call it here. I couldn’t live without having this in the press. It basically suction’s the nose, it stops you from having to keep wiping & rubbing and making the skin red and sore. Purchase one. trust me. It’s the NUK brand and can be found in most pharmacies. Click HERE for closer image and price. (boots pharmacy)

  • Udo’s Choice,  microbiotics for babies.

These are great. I use the super 8 and Alex uses the infant blend. UDO’S CHOICE contain Infant & Toddler specific bacteria strains at an appropriate strength, designed specifically to reflect healthy infant microflora. You can have a proper look at their range HERE.

Microbiotics are worth every penny. I know they can be quite expensive but they can build you straight back up if you or baby does happen to come down with something. They are brilliant after a course of antibiotics too.

  • Snuffle Babe – vapour oil & nasal drops & vapour rub.

This range has five effective solutions to help your little one breathe, feed and sleep in comfort.

I discovered these beauties in wards pharmacy and fell in love as there is a variety of choice.

We didn’t use the vapour rub directly on Alex’s skin, I used to rub it onto a muslin cloth and hang it from the basket/cot/radiator in room. I would also put some into a bowl of hot water and leave it in the corner of the bedroom at night.



Keep on top and ‘Sleigh’ Momma’s.

Hope your small humans stay well in the coming season.


Ex Oh (xo)

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