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Naturally Shocked.

I was quite shocked when I woke one morning to see Alex literally covered from head to toe in red sore dry patches.
I had a feeling it was eczema and I was right.

We went to our local natural health store for some oatmeal for the bath, natural rescue cream & microbiotics.
The cream I used in the beginning was Salcura. It was a rescue cream that tackles the eczema when its flared. I loved this cream because soon as I started to use it, I could see the skin soothing and redness fading almost 24 hours later.

I knew then I wanted something that was going to prevent it getting to that stage (before & after pic above) again. I wanted to look for a cream or lotion that I could use daily, even when the eczema was out of sight. He needed something that wouldn’t strip his skin of his oils & something smooth. Something that was as close to magic as possible seen as anything even silcock based wasn’t working.

Simply Magical.

Over the months of trials & errors we fell in love with – PURE POTIONS.

Here is what we have done and used in the past year on our little man to keep the eczema at bay, since his last bad encounter in March (2017) :


First of all, we only bath Alex once a week, especially if his eczema starts showing up. I have no problem top & tailing him still in between baths to avoid stripping his skin of oils.
In the bath we used to use only oatmeal when he was very young. Now we use Pure Potions bath emollient oil along with Moogoo bubble bath. Do take extra care as it is an oil and can be quite slippery. I do find it tough to clean out of the bath completely, but it stops all irritability of bath time on his skin, so I don’t mind. I found this oil great for Alex’s scalp too! it can be used on wet or dry hair, I used it for his cradle cap and was successful.

After his bath, I use the intense moisturiser, I warm it up by rubbing it between my thumb and fingers to make it thinner and spreadable on the dry/red/sore areas. When his eczema is flaring I use this in the morn and at night. When we are just treating his skin in general, I use the daily moisturising cream which is a lotion, very light & I especially love that it’s a pump bottle. It makes the application process a lot easier and less messy.


The baby range is a must have! The nappy salve is a favourite of mine! It really clears up any signs of a sore bottom from the get go. Secondly, it makes a great barrier for teething drool. Alex is going through the wars with his gums at the minute, I add this salve to his chin and cheeks with no fuss or greasy layer.

The baby chamomile and lavender oil can be used for all purposes, eg. bathing,cleansing & massage. It can also be used on the sensitive skin of expectant mothers.

Fight the flare, Pamper your little puddings.

I now have to deal with weather change as well as teething and cold viruses, which are all factors that make the eczema flare. Winter conditions can affect us all and dry us out, any skin type, good or bad.

Most adults like to have their skin care nights with cleansers, masks and moisturisers etc… I am one of these, except I have them with my son.

We will lather him in his ointment ,oils and nappy salve and let him loose from clothing until it has all soaked in. I will continue to do this even if his eczema may or may not be bad. Babies are little sensitive souls, they need pampering too!

Links Below

There is a variety of products which can be used in a variety of ways. Other than the product being natural , my favourite part is that one cream/balm/oil can be used as an all-purposed treatment.

Check out the links below to find out all you need to know about the product. I have also listed where you can find it in Irish stores. Pure Potions are in partnership with Holland and barrett as part of the #cleanbeauty campaign. All details below.

All Products


Clean Beauty

Also , check these out! I must definitely invest in a pair for Alex for any winter flare ups. I think they are ideal and would make such a fab gift idea too. #santyiscoming

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