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Make It A December To Remember

Creating memories & traditions together will last a life time longer than any gifts. I believe the magic of Christmas is created by these magical moments. We all have our own traditions, most of us share similar ideas.

You cant deny that in the past, or even present, you haven’t sat down with the RTE Christmas guide circling every film you plan to watch while scoffing down a selection box. Most of us in Ireland love to leave a Guinness out for Santy, ‘sure he’ll be parched in fairness’. It’s the time of year that we can confidently open a tin of Roses and not see a sewing kit inside. It really is the little things.

Since becoming a mum last year I’ve had to throw out my old traditions (which is really for the best anyways-absolute carnage.). As a new family, I have listed below my hopes of some new traditions along with some old.  I hope these bring back memories for some and even tweak ideas up for others.

Basic But Nice.


I’ve always waited for the date of the toy show to be released so I could determine when the decorating would begin. This is when Christmas would truly begin for me. On this date, I get down (get someone else to get down) the decorations from the attic. The Christmas music channel is switched on (naturally) and the spirit of the holiday gets spread around the house. We sit in front of a blazing fire in Christmas pj’s (along with half the country doing the same) waiting for the toy show to come live on the tv. Mama cracks open the wine & a Chinese take away is on order. When Alex is older, obviously the hot chocolate and marshmallows will be added as his treat to the tradition. Cheers!


A new tradition I  intend on starting now that I’m a parent is, going to the Christmas Markets! I envision my little fam bam strolling around in the late evening time, wrapped up in hats and scarves. I can picture Alex being mesmerised with the colourful glistening lights, while stuffing our faces with ginger bread men & searching for Santa. When we are at the markets, I plan to pick out a decoration for Alex, each year, until he is old enough to pick his own of course! Each year we will add his decorations here until he is much older (wildly sobbing here) and when he leaves home, he can take them with him.


We will spend Christmas eve as a family. We keep it simple, we will go get something tasty for dinner. I think there should be a ban on people having to cook dinner on Christmas eve (agree?) . I am one of the very fortunate people who has family to share Christmas with, I want Alex to grow up to cherish these traditions we are creating as a family, more so than with  ‘just presents’ . We will still get excited for the big bearded guy in red pants obviously. We will be sky searching & we’ll leave food out for the reindeer and the big bearded guy himself. Alex’s night will end with a Christmas film, fuzzy socks & treats from the Christmas eve box I create.

Me & my partner also pick out a Christmas film after Alex goes down and open a bottle of baileys waiting the arrival of Santa.

Gift Of Giving


As I have mentioned in my post, I want Alex to truly get the idea of Christmas cheer and spirit. I do however want him to know it’s not just about the receiving of gifts but also the giving. This year we have sat and talked about charities. (Me & Partner) This year we plan to donate toys to a charity in our community.

When Alex is old enough to choose what toys goes, he can also choose the charity. This will make him feel included and make him feel good in doing so.

Some of us are very fortunate at this time of year, however, me being guilty of this, (hands are in the air) can fall right into the spiral of it all, forgetting that some of us are not as fortunate. Below I have listed and linked some charities for anyone who is thinking of what to do with some bits & bobs that are laying idol at home. Perhaps, when taking your decorations down you’ve noticed the attic filling up with bags of clothes/toys from throughout the year. Maybe, even after Christmas, you may have been double gifted the same thing and have no need for 2.


Barnardos – Give a gift that will last a lifetime. (learn more)

Red Cross – Recycle with cross. Red Cross are appealing for donations of clothes, books, toys. (learn more)

Oxfam Ireland – (click here) to see the complete list of donations & recycling banks where you can drop off your unwanted items & help change lives.

Focus Ireland – welcome donations of new & good quality children’s & women’s clothing, jewellery, homework, books, CD’s, toys & games. Find out more on how to donate your goods (here)

Temple Street Foundation – Buy a toy for a sick child whose home will be hospital over Christmas. With it been a hospital environment, they cant be used toys. They leave a Santa list for you pick off to buy and send in. (here)

SVP – make a difference to people in your community. Christmas is not the same for everyone. (click here)

Ronald McDonald Housing – keeping families with sick children together & resources they need. (here) you will learn more on what you can donate food & toy wise for the houses.


Thanks for reading. Stay humble and be grateful, for you don’t know who’s struggling around you.

Merry Christmas from us to you



Ex Oh (xo)



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