Crippling Pain With Crippling Anxiety.

Level Of Perception

Anxiety, “You don’t always see it on the surface, and that makes it really hard to get any recognition for the illness”

So many people suffer these days, its time to take it seriously and make sure that anyone who needs help – gets it. It could be help with coping, medication or both. It’s about finding & getting the help you need. 25% of people who experience psychological distress believe that people aren’t caring or understanding to those with mental illness. 25% !!!

For Example….

If people were told that poor Joe up the road, had a fall and broke his leg, they immediately visualise poor Joe in a cast. They would be able to show compassion as they know, physical pain was involved. They may never have broken a bone in their body themselves and yet they are still able to ‘get it’.

Fighting A War Inside Your Head.

I have decided to share some of the physical pain that comes with my anxiety.

I get prolonged headaches for days on end when it starts seeping through the cracks. These eventually become much worse. I can’t even describe in enough detail, the burning intensity of the pain. It starts around my hairline & neck, eventually travelling across to my forehead with a searing sharp throb. This causes my eyes to squeeze shut because I feel like they are going to pop any moment. There’s a banging noise in both ears, not even in sync. My body spasms like when your just about to projectile vomit everywhere uncontrollably. All I can do, is try find an ounce of control to convince myself to sleep through it. MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE WHEN YOU THINK YOU ARE DYING. I lay in bed wishing and hoping that I can calm myself and shut off. I’m curled in the corner of my bed, watching the baby monitor, in hopes that Alex doesn’t wake while I am waiting for this to pass. Sometimes it lasts hours, sometimes I do eventually fall asleep & sometimes I wake up and it hasn’t in any way passed. This is very draining, emotional & over-all very upsetting.

Other times, I can be 100% for weeks straight, then BOOM. Sometimes I can wake suddenly at 4am, I’m already sweating and my hearts pounding before I can even focus on what my minds worrying about. A mind that never stays quiet is not a MASTER it’s a nuisance.

The Trick Is To Hear What They Don’t Say.

I don’t share my stories for sympathy, compassion or comparison to who’s worse or what’s worse. I’d just like to see more understanding of anxiety happening. I share my stories to show the in’s & out’s in real life, not ‘text book’ . If putting images to an illness is the only way people can ‘get it’ then it’s worth a shot.

Click Here for more of my stories on my anxiety.

We can all understand what Joes crippling broken leg means, so hopefully in future, ‘Sam from the shops’ doesn’t have to be silent anymore & can be open about his crippling anxiety.


Ex Oh (xo)

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