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Hold The Hostility Please.

Let me open with, I am pro vaccine.


I don’t write this post to rattle the vaccine refusers/anti vaxxers. Honestly, I wanted to look at both sides and break it down for anyone with interest such as I had. Lately in discussions, the most common phrase and question was ‘I cant understand why people don’t vaccinate’ . This was a question that I found myself looking over since.

Also, before you read this, be aware that I believe vaccination is too vital to be a choice. But like, who even am I ? right?!

Other than shouting about percentages, rates/stats which is done on a daily basis between both sides, I have broken down & simplified what I have learnt.


One of the largest ever global surveys of attitudes of people on vaccines, revealed that Europeans are the most sceptical of vaccine safety.

Some worries they have:

  • Timing and sheer number of vaccines currently on schedule.
  • Too many too soon.
  • baby’s abilities to develop sufficient antibodies at a young age.
  • Ingredient intake for such small babies. (This is a healthy scepticism, we all want to know what’s  being injected into our babies)
  • Rare cases of children being allergic to live vaccines. (There are some heart-breaking stories from parents who watched their children suffer & even degenerate within hours of being vaccinated.)
  • People worry about Cancer, SIDS, Autism. (A survey from the national consumers league found that one third of parents with children under 18 still believe vaccines can cause Autism. Of all links, the autism – MMR question has arguable been studied most intently. After more than twenty years of research, no link has been found. The MMR vaccine has gone up from 70% to the 90’s since the scare.)

These parents – like all parents from any walk of life, class, or culture are simply trying to weigh up all options, based on the information available to make the best decision for their own child. At the same time, the above decision to not vaccinate does unquestionably provoke real consequences on a broader societal level.

We all want to keep our children safe from harm. Doubt will indeed persist.


has some vaccines on its schedule & not others because vaccinations are both area & time specific. Remember, diseases cant be seen & may only be a plane ride away. When parents no longer hear of these diseases floating around they don’t see the threat. This means vaccine rate is high – not that the these diseases no longer exist.

Dr Ann Hogan , (The IMO) has stated there is deep concern at the impact of social media campaigns & fake news about ‘non existent’ risks from vaccines also.

Gill (an absolute lady, the science teacher you have always wanted) over at Sciencesnapstories has kindly given me permission to share her basics here:

‘if you type “do vaccines cause…”  into google, it makes some fairly scary suggestions: autism, cancer, SIDS, allergies, seizures, ADHD and even death. There is no known link between allergies, autism. ADHD and vaccines, and no plausible theory as to how there could be one (note: if there is a known history of anaphylaxis in the family, speak to a health care provider before vaccinating.- vaccines wont cause allergies, but may trigger an existing genetic predisposition). In some cases (about 3 in 10,000) febrile seizures induced by high temperatures can result from vaccination, and research is showing that vaccines may provide a trigger event for people genetically predisposed to Epilepsy. In the cases of cancer and SIDS the casual relationship is positive – better vaccination uptake results in fewer cases. And to date we have no record of any death that can be plausibly attributed to vaccines.’

You can find Gills posts (Here} & (here).

No Medicine is without risk, its important to get scientifically accurate info.

  • vaccine info over on (accredited by world health organisation.)
  • Click Here for a list of more useful website.

Ps. Is there a campaign yet called vaccTHEnation because I think there should be. (LauL)


Ex Oh (xo)


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