Little Big Loves

Who Am I?

Sometimes I don’t even know the answer to the above title. I’m 27 and feel like I should have my life mapped out at this stage. I do not. I believe we all go through stages like this. Who Am I?

I will start off with, I feel most women lose themselves & who they are after they become a mother. They forget about their little loves. I became a mother in 2016 but who am ‘I’, other than a mother. It can be a really difficult question. What are my little loves? The loves that take a back seat while my tiny human keeps me on my toes!

What Interests ME?

Writing. I love to write on a daily basis. As a child I used to write my own little short stories. Cringe, I know! I used to get fancy A4 pads & write so randomly. Essay writing was a favourite of mine, my english teachers loved me down the years.! Yes I still make spelling & grammar errors. I’m not saying I am any good or by any means a ‘writer’ haha! Writing is such a helpful form of therapy for me. The proof is in my dark stories from years back.

Photography. Again, I am not in any way qualified to use the word ‘photography’ or ‘photographer’. I genuinely found out in the last year I have a love for taking pictures. I cant explain what it is but I am very fussy & love to get creative with staged shots of my favourite things in life. Instagram has a huge influence on this one haha!


All Things Beauty. Now this one I can say I have experience with! I have certs & diplomas in areas such as; skin & eye care, cosmetics, make-up & nail technology. I have a diploma in reflexology also. It turned out I loved the boring stuff more in college. I was obsessed with learning all about the anatomy & physiology of the human body. I was also all for the study about the actual products used rather than the treatment. With that being said, yes, I loved doing the case studies to see benefits, reactions etc..This is why I now feel , I would love a job pharmacy based.

MEMES. While there is nothing funny about my mental health struggles, I find turning to MEMES & humour works for me. Humour can go a long way. I find MEMES a coping tool believe or not? I know its a strange one.

Fashion. I feel people think you have to ‘have money’ these days to even use this word haha! However, I do love clothing trends & wish I could afford to keep up! I love to find the cheapies as I call them & I believe style with a smile is priceless.

Greatest Love

Being a parent is number one above all these things obviously. I absolutely adore Alex and all he teaches me with my role as a mother! There is no other love greater than the one I have for my child. Its important t remember who YOU are aswel as your ‘role’.

You Do You

Love and make time for YOUR interests, don’t lose them. This is something I struggle with. I am pulling my socks up lately & genuinely going back to who I am overall. I am a mother with a mental illness yes. I am also just like everybody else when it comes to little loves and interests. I have them! I keep trying to remind myself of this. Social Media can be a positive place when you simply ‘Be Kind’ ‘Be You & and find your click. I have been inspired by so many ladies and it has had a positive effect on ME.

Blogging over time has shown me I can be both, ME, MYSELF and a MOTHER.

I have new ‘insta identity’ . I have changed my user name to tarandom_tales as I feel I want to share MY little loves & interests along with being Mama G .

Keep doing you.


Ex Oh (xo)


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