Little Big Loves

Who Am I?

Sometimes I don’t even know the answer to the above title. I’m 27 and feel like I should have my life mapped out at this stage. I do not. I believe we all go through stages like this. Who Am I?

I will start off with, I feel most women lose themselves & who they are after they become a mother. They forget about their little loves. I became a mother in 2016 but who am ‘I’, other than a mother. It can be a really difficult question. What are my little loves? The loves that take a back seat while my tiny human keeps me on my toes!

What Interests ME?

Writing. I love to write on a daily basis. As a child I used to write my own little short stories. Cringe, I know! I used to get fancy A4 pads & write so randomly. Essay writing was a favourite of mine, my english teachers loved me down the years.! Yes I still make spelling & grammar errors. I’m not saying I am any good or by any means a ‘writer’ haha! Writing is such a helpful form of therapy for me. The proof is in my dark stories from years back.

Photography. Again, I am not in any way qualified to use the word ‘photography’ or ‘photographer’. I genuinely found out in the last year I have a love for taking pictures. I cant explain what it is but I am very fussy & love to get creative with staged shots of my favourite things in life. Instagram has a huge influence on this one haha!

All Things Beauty. Now this one I can say I have experience with! I have certs & diplomas in areas such as; skin & eye care, cosmetics, make-up & nail technology. I have a diploma in reflexology also. It turned out I loved the boring stuff more in college. I was obsessed with learning all about the anatomy & physiology of the human body. I was also all for the study about the actual products used rather than the treatment. With that being said, yes, I loved doing the case studies to see benefits, reactions etc..This is what led me to job in a pharmacy, HOWEVER, I then discovered that I loved the medicine side of the pharmacy and work as an OTC.

MEMES. While there is nothing funny about my mental health struggles, I find turning to MEMES & humour works for me. Humour can go a long way. I find MEMES a coping tool believe or not? I know its a strange one.

Fashion. I feel people think you have to ‘have money’ these days to even use this word haha! However, I do love clothing trends & wish I could afford to keep up! I love to find the cheapies as I call them & I believe style with a smile is priceless.

Greatest Love

Being a parent is number one above all these things obviously. I absolutely adore Alex and all he teaches me with my role as a mother! There is no other love greater than the one I have for my child. Its important to remember who YOU are as well as your ‘role’.

You Do You

Love and make time for YOUR interests, don’t lose them. This is something I struggle with. I am pulling my socks up lately & genuinely going back to who I am overall. I am a mother with a mental illness yes. I am also just like everybody else when it comes to little loves and interests. I have them! I keep trying to remind myself of this. Social Media can be a positive place when you simply ‘Be Kind’ ‘Be You & and find your click. I have been inspired by so many ladies and it has had a positive effect on ME.

Blogging over time has shown me I can be both, ME, MYSELF and a MOTHER.

I have new ‘insta identity’ . I have changed my user name to au_tara-mmune as I have recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease & IBS. This is now a new part of me that I find is going to be a huge part of me. The blog is going to be based on living with my disease & new lifestyle.

Keep doing you.


Ex Oh (xo)

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