You can’t be that sensitive.

Things some people may say to coeliacs.

(Along With Answers)

‘Does that mean you can’t eat bread?’

Ermmmmm, no I can’t eat bread unless its gluten free Susan, but that’s not just what being coeliac is.

‘Is it a fad?’

It most certainly isn’t. It is an auto-immune disease. Being a coeliac causes my immune system to mistake healthy cells & substances for harmful ones, and produces antibodies against them.

Do you not feel awkward eating out?’

Yes, yes I do. Being a coeliac has serious side effects, so being that ‘awkward’ customer is now a necessary part of my life unfortunately. I rarely eat out anymore. I do an awkward expensive shop & wing it at home. I’m figuring it out day by the day and loving the snacks without consequences!

‘Are you really that sensitive?’

yes I am. For months before my diagnoses I was very ill. I suffered with headaches that made me dizzy, serious fatigue, no food would stay down or stay in, this made me weak & even more tired. Then I suffered with breakouts & rashes alongside it all. So I would say, I really am that sensitive. I’m very busy fighting my own immune system.

(Dermatitis Herpetiformis)

Although this is not a symptom of coeliac disease, if you have an intolerance to gluten, you may develop this rash. 15-25% of people with coeliac disease also develop dermatitis herpetiformis. HOLLA, I happen to be one of those. The exact cause of this rash is unknown, but as with coeliac disease, the condition is associated with exposure to gluten in the diet.

‘ Isn’t there loads of foods you can have though?’

Yes indeed there is. However, it’s not just about gluten free labels. There is also the possibility of cross contamination depending on where the products are made & the small print. Cross contamination is the worst to look out for. Your food may be gluten free but it can have been prepared where other foods have been. The best way to approach this in restaurants/cafes etc is to ask them ‘Do you cater for coeliacs?’

My question…. What is with the eye roll people?

Can people stop with the eye rolling? I am not ‘going through a phase’ or the next diet fad. ( Please note; people are entitled to avoid whatever they don’t want going in their own bodies too regardless of disease. ) I have spent months getting tests, bloods, scans etc whilst being sick on & off, up until the last few weeks when we hit the nail on the head. I have an auto immune disease. I would appreciate if people would stop with the eye motions when I ask the one famous question ‘is it gluten free’? .

How would I explain my new life now?

Look, every day is a picnic as a coeliac. LITERALLY! We have to bring our foods everywhere. But I’m glad I can say, the lifestyle I have had to change to, is making me crazy better. I struggled in the beginning with it all, but as soon as I started to feel physically better over time, that has put me on the straight and narrow in mind aswel.

Also, is anyone like me and gets so irritated when people in the house eat MY GF foods.?


Ex Oh (xo)

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