Mince Stew

Savoury Mince Stew has always been one of my favourite dinners when I have ‘some’ time but not enough for a beef stew.

Savoury Gluten Free Dish

What I Used:


•White onion


•2 Knorr gluten free beef stock cubes

•Bisto gluten free gravy 

•Red wine vinegar 

•Black ground pepper 

•Sea salt 

•Minced garlic


•Baby potatoes 

How I cooked:

Season mince with black pepper, minced garlic & nutmeg in a large pot. 

Add chopped carrots & onions. 

Pour in 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar. 

Fill the pot of ingredients with water.  Throw in 2 knorr stock cubes.

Place onto boil.  

Once it starts to boil, turn it on to simmer for a further 1 hour & 10min. 

Add some water if needed.  Add the gluten free bisto granules to thicken it up if preferred. 

Wash & pop the baby potatoes on to boil 20 minutes before plating. 

1hour 10min & some left over for lunch!



ExOh (xo)

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