Chicken stir fry – fake-away flavor 🌶

When I make this gluten free stir fry, I use either all or some of the ingredients below, depending on who’s eating etc.. 

The infused oil is key to this dish, giving it its flavors. 

I was told my dish tastes like something out of Mekong! Haha! I’ll take that and run with it. #fakeawaydish – gluten free of course!! 

What I used :

•Amoys Rice Noodles

•Tesco Fiery chili & garlic infused oil

•Diced Chicken

•White onion

•Red onion 

•Shredded carrots 

•Broccoli (veg optional) 



•Cashew nuts (optional) 

How I cooked it :

  1. Fry the diced chicken in the Chili & Garlic oil until the chicken is cooked through.
  2. Place broccoli into pot of boiling water for 6 min.
  3. Add in the onions to the chicken after it’s browned, & turn down the heat. I like to keep them crunchy.
  4. Add carrots & peppers next.
  5. Toss in the rice noodles and add some salt. 
  6. Through the broccoli through it, add some oil and shake it all around for 3 min.
  7. Add cashews at the end before plating.

This is so quick & easy & you will crave this fakeaway again as we do any 😁😉 

Tara G 

ExOh (xo) 🍲

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